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An Original

With a history of over thirty years in the fishing tackle OEM market, Omoto Fishing Reels provides some of the most recognized brands with technology and products and is widely recognized for its solid engineering and value.

Omoto fishing reel products are now available in North America from a network of local and internet based dealers and resellers. Backed with a liberal two-year warranty, Omoto's reels are the 'next best thing' in the fishing tackle world.

If you are an angler searching for affordable, state of the art fishing reels or a tackle shop owner looking for a fresh alternative to big box brands, Omoto Reels is your answer.

Omoto America Fishing Reels    

New for  2010

Omoto Fishing Reels Introduces the New Severo™ Spinning Reel


Omoto's Reels entry in the high-performance spinning reel market promises to leave the competition in the dust. Its no-compromise design and quality engineering makes this reel the best value choice for the high-stakes angler.


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Omoto Severo Spinning Reel


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